Cushion (0-9months)


Made with love, by hand. Here in Quebec (!!)


***does not include cover. Bag included***

Our cushion is padded in the center for the most comfort possible!

The essential for baby has multiple uses;
- Cushion/awakening & rest mat
- Tummy time
- Diaper change/bath outing
- To drink the milk & more...

Foam + lining: 100% polyester
Fabrics: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
Approximate dimensions: 33in x 15in x 5in

Maintenance: Do not wash the cushion too often so that it remains beautiful for a long time. Protect it with a cover. Shake (replace foam) immediately after the washer/dryer. Washer on gentle cycle, cold water. Dryer no more than 30 minutes. If you can avoid the dryer, let it air dry. Wait until it is completely dry before using.

Please read***Colors may vary from those shown. BEIGE IS MORE OF A "YELLOW" TONE. No returns, exchanges or refunds will be accepted. Warnings: Never leave a child unsupervised on the cushion. The cushion is not designed for co-sleeping. Do not carry the child using the cushion. Do not place the child on a high cushion. We are not responsible for accidents.

Health Canada say:
Never leave a baby unattended in a cocoon or place the cocoon inside another product, such as a crib, cradle, bassinet or playpen.

Baby cocoons should never be placed on a regular bed, waterbed, air mattress, couch, futon, or chair. Placing a baby cocoon on a soft, uneven surface can increase the risk of suffocation.

To sleep safely, the baby must be lying on his back, alone in a crib, cradle or bassinet that complies with the regulations in force in Canada.

Color: Gris

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