Waterproof Sheet for Cushion 0-9 months


Made with love, here in Quebec!

The contour sheet is THE ESSENTIAL to have for your cushion. No more baby messes staining your cushion
. Honestly, this is the best buy ever! It will become your best friend (!!) *I recommend buying a cover to put on top for more comfort!

Warning: For small baby leaks. If you let the leaks (pee, spit up) too long, it may seep onto the cushion. Remove the sheet immediately. Not 100% waterproof so that the sheet remains breathable for baby!

For cushion 0-9 months & 9 months (tight)

Fabrics: 100% nylon
Approximate dimensions: 33" x 16"
Machine washable sheet. No dryer.

Please read***Colors may vary from those shown. No returns, exchanges or refunds will be accepted. Cushion Warnings: Never leave a child unattended on the cushion. The cushion is not designed for co-sleeping. Do not carry the child using the cushion. Do not place the child on a high cushion. We are not responsible for accidents.

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